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LoudClouds Co.: Cannabis Culture and Entertainment Blog & Shop

LoudClouds Co. is a cannabis and entertainment blog currently based out of Denver, CO. We work hard to be a relevant and up-to-date resource for legal cannabis consumers, growers, processors, infusers who currently live in a legal state and are curious to learn the wonders of cannabis. From those interested in learning about the medicinal benefits to the recreational users who want to learn more for themselves, we will provide it all. Our blog will include cannabis lifestyle posts, marijuana news, reviews (of strains, concentrates, edibles dispensaries, products, companies and anything cannabis related), tips & tutorials (for growers, processors, infusers and consumers), as well as a smoke shop. Our page is for those of age (18+), living in a state where cannabis use is legal for medical and/or recreational use.

We want to provide this rapidly growing cannabis community with a resource for not only news, but reviews, tips & tutorials, and everything cannabis in-between. As we move forward with more states allowing medical & recreational marijuana, we want to spread our knowledge and keep connected with others in the marijuana community and to spread a positive message.

Our blog will include a shop which will contain an array of things from art, to accessories, to glass art and smoking accessories. We are hoping to shortly extend it to an apparel line where we can offer designs our Artist & Graphic Designer by David Arriaga comes out with, and also huge shout out to them for creating our website for us. Our resources tab will include do it yourself tutorials, tips, downloads and more! Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube page LoudCloudsTV and any of our other social media @LoudCloudsCo or search for “LoudCloudsCo” to stay updated with exclusive information at your fingertips from your phone.

As we strive to spread knowledge we have learned over the years through experimenting as well as working in many different aspects in the marjiuana industry, we encourage you to share our posts with your family and friends to continue to spread more knowledge. Use our hashtags #LoudCloudsCo & #LoudFam and tag our page @LoudCloudsCo on your social media for a chance to be featured on our social media pages and website!


For our website launch and to show appreciation for our followers, we will continue to do random giveaways. Our first giveaway will be a molecule glass 14mm beaker pipe along with a couple added goodies. Click here to check out our official post for information on how to win our giveaway!

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