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Bong Apetit: Wake and Bake (Marijuana Infused Coffee)

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Coffee & Cannabis? It’s no question that people enjoy a nice pick me up from a cup of Joe when they wake up in the morning. For others, that morning cup of Joe comes in the form of cannabis. But what if I told you that you could enjoy both, at once? Well that’s exactly what Kian Abedini, owner of Compelling & Rich, did with his company. He has been pushing boundaries, especially for those who love coffee and love weed, and came up with a brilliant combination for the public to enjoy both at the same time. Compelling & Rich has been featured in LA Coffee Club, which is the best way to discover roasters in LA. LA Coffee Club ships out coffee, fresh, from a different roaster every week. They only work with LA roasters, so they can get the coffee from the roaster to the customers within a day or two. Kian of Compelling & Rich has mastered the art of Cannabis Conditioned Coffee, and this way of infusing doesn’t have THC in the actual product, which means they can ship it anywhere in the US. This form of infusing adds the terpenes from the cannabis to add the flavoring element to the coffee. In this video, they also create an aromatic concoction of infused butter and spices, called a café de hashashin, that will get anyone’s creative juices flowing. Enjoy!



In this episode of Bong Appetit, host Michelle Lhooq heads to LA Coffee Club to meet with roaster Kian Abedini of Compelling & Rich Coffee. Kian shows us how to infuse coffee with the flavors and aromas of our favorite strain, and prepare the preferred drink of 19th-century artists: a café de hashashin. This aromatic concoction of cannabis-infused butter, coffee, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, orange juice, and pistachio butter will definitely get the creative juices flowing. Victor Hugo would be so proud.


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