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We are a cannabis blog currently based out of Denver,CO. We work hard to be a relevant and up-to-date resource for cannabis consumers, growers, processors, infusers as well as those curious to learn the wonders of cannabis. From those interested in learning about the medicinal benefits to the recreational users who want to learn more for themselves, we will provide it all for the professionals to the new inexperienced users. Our blog will include cannabis lifestyle posts, marijuana news & entertainment, reviews (of strains, concentrates, edibles dispensaries, products, companies and anything cannabis related), tips & tutorials (for growers, processors, infusers and consumers), as well as our shop selling art, apparel, accessories, glass art, etc. Our page is for those of age (21+), or living in a state where cannabis use is legal for medical and/or recreational use. We do not promote the use of illegal or illicit drugs, but share our knowledge and experience as a medical patient from the legal state of Colorado that worked in the cannabis industry for years. We are 100% Amendment 20 & Amendment 64 compliant.

Contact LoudClouds to advertise, ask for tips/advice (regarding cannabis), pitch stories, or even suggest some blog posts you want to see! We welcome new bloggers to submit stories as guest writers for approval and are always open to any collaborations beneficial to both of our brands. If you would like to be affiliated with us or you want us to review your products, shop, edibles, new product or anything else cannabis related contact us at info@LoudClouds.co with inquiries.

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